Strengthening Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy through Design Thinking Process on the Eco-Printing STEAM-Project

Muhamad Imaduddin, Ihsan Ihsan, Muhammad Ali Shofyan, Muhammad Mujahidus Shofa, Muhammad Fatkhur Riza, Ro’i Khatul Jannah, Novi Lailatul Fitriani, Rizky Ulya Dewi
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Further development of a pedagogic framework to teach design thinking processes needs to be designed and implemented to strengthen pre-service science teachers' entrepreneurial self-efficacy (PSTs’ ESE). This research aims to analyze the stages of the design thinking process in the eco-printing STEAM-projects, as well as to review the differences in PSTs' ESE after participating in this program. The participants are 22 PSTs consisting of 18 PSTs in the 3rd year of the program and other students in the 2nd year of the training program. Qualitative data were collected by observing, documenting the process of activities, interviews, and reflection questionnaires from the implementation of the program. Quantitative data were obtained from the entrepreneurial self-efficacy questionnaire. Interventions for PSTs include three main phases of the design thinking stage consisting (1) Understand; (2) Explore; and (3) Materialize. The existing stages not only teach the product design process, but also the design of the teamwork pattern that is formed. The ESE covers aspects, namely (1) searching, (2) planning, (3) marshaling, (4) implementing-people, and (5) implementing-financial. The change in category only occurs in the “planning” aspect. While the significance of the changes can be seen in two aspects, namely the "searching" and "planning" aspects. The PSTs have a positive response to what they do. PSTs also provide an overview of responses to entrepreneurial attitudes that have been learned during the process of strengthening programs dominated by “Collaboration” and “Time discipline” responses.


Pre-service Science Teachers; Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy; STEAM; Design Thinking Process; Eco-printing

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Imaduddin, M., Ihsan, I., Shofyan, M.A., Shofa, M.M. Riza, M.F., Jannah, R.K., Fitriani, N.L. & Surname, N.M. Imaduddin, M., Ihsan, I., Shofyan, M.A, Shofa, M.M., Riza, M.F., Jannah, R.J., Fitriani, N.L., & Dewi, R.U. (2022). Strengthening pre-service science teachers’ entrepreneurial self-efficacy through design thinking process on the eco-printing STEAM-project. Journal of Education in Science, Environment and Health (JESEH), 8(4), 319-331.


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