Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Learning and Teaching Experiences with Digital Games: KODU Game Lab

Gulsah Uluay, Alev Dogan
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The aim of this paper is to introduce Kodu Game Lab to pre-service science teachers through a method course based on MAGDAIRE framework and prepare them to design their own digital games. In accordance with this purpose, key factors towards using digital games in classroom are also observed. Convergent parallel design that is a type of mix method research design was used in this study. This study is performed with a total of 18 pre-service teachers (PSTs) who were senior students in a teacher education program of a public university in Turkey. PSTs voluntarily formed six groups and designed their own digital games collaboratively based on DGBL-ID Model. Technical Proficiency of Kodu Skills Test (TPKS-T), rubrics for group and personal assessment and observation form were used to collect data. According to analyses of data collected with TPKS-T, post-test mean of PSTs is significantly higher than their pre-test means. Findings of rubrics showed that PSTs’ determined performance levels are directly proportionate to practices. Also, findings obtained with observation form are promoted this result. It can be suggested that knowledge and skills, pedagogical beliefs and culture have an effect on integrating digital games into learning process.


Digital game-based learning, Kodu, Design, Teacher education

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Uluay, G. & Dogan, A. (2020). Pre-service science teachers’ learning and teaching experiences with digital games: KODU game lab. Journal of Education in Science, Environment and Health (JESEH), 6(2), 105-119. DOI:10.21891/ jeseh.668961


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