How Does Air Pollution Threaten Basic Human Rights? The Case Study of Bulgaria

Aylin Ahmedova
240 18


The main purpose of this article is to analyze the relationship between air pollution and human rights. It investigates whether air pollution threatens basic human rights such as the right to health, life, and the environment. Air pollution represents a major threat both to health and to the environment. Despite the adoption of numerous international, national and regional norms, air pollution still continues to be one of the major environmental issues of concern. The human rights to life, health, and a clean environment are powerful tools available for citizens to strengthen the enforcement of existing laws and regulations and combat air pollution. This study examines the case of air pollution in Bulgaria and how it can be related to human rights threat. Findings of the study are prerequisite to conclude that air pollution threatens some of the fundamental human rights such as the right to life, health, and the environment.


Air pollution, Human rights, Human rights threat, Air pollution in Bulgaria

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